We are passionate about the art of storytelling and committed to the business of television. Further, we have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on a number of high profile television productions across Africa, alongside some of the continent’s leading practitioners. We are honoured to have received the below endorsements from several of these individuals and would like to extend our appreciation to each of them for their kind commentary.

Femi Odugbemi

Executive Producer / CEO: DVWorx Studios Lagos


The Televisionaries is a quantum leap of new possibilities in original, daring, emotional and cutting-edge story-telling, paired with excellent production capacity and a rich experience of working across Africa for many years. Erika Klopper and Allison Triegaardt are simply the tried and tested 'Dream Team' of television content with a proven track-record of understanding and mastering quality entertainment that viewers find compelling.

Endorsements for Allison

Kemi Adesoye



Allison’s workshops have aided me in capturing the big through-line of a story without skimping on the details that constitute the foundation of good TV writing. The lessons learnt in her workshops I implement in my scripts to this day. She creates a bridge between show producers and show writers to allow insight on both perspectives which overall helps the writer in shaping the series narrative. Allison is a most boundless, generous and effective communicator in the arena of screenwriting.

Desireé Markgraaff

Executive Producer & Show Runner: Bomb

South Africa

Having Allison on board Isibaya I as a Story Consultant has been a positive experience. She is able to provide notes and insights to the story team that straddle the creative needs of the show as well as that of the client’s in a manner that is solution driven. Without exception everyone on our writing team has found her supportive, encouraging and able to give notes in a way that was both respectful to the hard work of the team but also addressed flaws where necessary. Her notes on story lines and beat sheets are constructive and often help unlock better and deeper story. She is knowledgeable and an asset to any long running production. When we were first introduced to the idea of having a consultant represent our client on story we were a little apprehensive, having had our fair share of 'people with opinions' who do not really have writing or story creation experience first-hand. But Allison has been a positive contributor, not only to the story process but also in managing and navigating unchartered terrain with our client.

Angus Gibson

Producer: Bomb

South Africa

It has been a pleasure having Allison as a collaborator and advisor on Isibaya I. Her experience with drama and soap is a great resource and she brings it to the table in an open and generous way. Our writers welcome her notes, which are thoughtful and constructive. She asks questions that need to be asked, in ways that feel supportive rather than critical. Our relationship with the broadcaster on this project has been a happy one and that too is a tribute to Allison.

Mona Ombogo

Author and Screenwriter


I have worked with Allison on a couple of drama series and it's accurate to say that most of what I know about writing for television I learned from her. Her consulting is honest, direct, dedicated and always constructive. Our projects definitely benefited from having Allison on board. I highly recommend her work.

Greg Odutayo

Managing Director: Royal Roots Nigeria


Allison is a creative par excellence. She has an uncanny attention to detail that transforms your "everyday" scripts and production into masterpieces, giving it the woah factor.

Deborah Odutayo

Executive Director: Royal Roots Nigeria


Allison… the inner eye. She taught me how to see beyond the clean pictures. She’s sharp and smart. I now see and hear what I would have usually not seen nor heard.

Simon Ratcliffe

Head Engineer and Owner: Sound & Motion Studios

South Africa

In all our dealings over quite literally hundreds of episodes of TV shows, Allison always managed to maintain a professional yet stress free environment. Her direction on viewbacks was always excellent, with no doubt that she knew exactly what she wanted and how to ask for it, which only comes from someone with a wealth of industry experience and an excellent grasp on all aspects of what it means to make a TV show, from technical to creative. And all with an easy, affable manner.

Endorsements for Erika

Njoki Muhoho

Executive Producer: Zebra Productions Kenya Ltd


When I decided in mid-career to upgrade my TV/film hobby into a second career, nature conspired and put Erika Klopper in my path. She has been an excellent mentor, guide and advisor. When you know enough to know you do not know enough, then Erika is a gift, for she can make the most insurmountable production challenge look do-able. Erika is double edged. She is practical and detailed on one hand and highly strategic on the other. She is also very quality-focused. My country Kenya and I have a lot to thank her for. Erika is excellent at working with cultural diversity. She listens and learns about the cultures she is working in. She is also available to coach when asked upon. I hope I get more opportunities to work with Erika and her team.

Eileen Sandrock

CEO: Sasani Africa

South Africa

I have worked with Erika in various capacities for over a decade. Over this period, it has become clear that Erika is a visionary. She has the courage to implement innovatory solutions and the technical skill to put this to effect. Erika’s management skills are also admirable; her calm but firm and fair manner is well respected in the industry. Her influence extends beyond our South African borders, as she has cultivated a loyal following throughout Africa, with my specific reference being my knowledge of Nigeria. Erika is astute, and as a result she has risen, undeniably, to the top of her field.

Phad Mutumba

Country Representative: East Africa Film Network

Founder / CEO: Nile’s Diaspora International Film Festival


Erika is extremely talented and at all times I have found her to be very knowledgeable, proactive, reliable, honest, courteous, but most of all, hard-working. To date, it’s been such a joy working with Erika; and for that wonderful experience, I would highly recommend her for any project.

Harrie Linders

Co-Founder: AMPN | African Media & Production Network

South Africa

Erika is a consummate professional with vast experience working across several African territories. Erika has a sharp eye on finance, creativity and production. She is a highly skilled Executive Producer capable of producing multiple high-end productions at the same time. I would definitely hire her again whenever she would be available.

Ebou Waggeh

Film and TV Producer

The Gambia

I first met Erika in Johannesburg in 2012. She provided professional support, guidance and encouragement during our time spent working together. Her vast knowledge and experience of the African film and television industry is rich and accessible. I find her to be friendly, warm and sociable. She serves as a formidable team player.

Appie Matere

Owner: Zamaradi Productions Ltd


I have rarely come across a person who is so attentive to the minutest of details and takes on the most challenging of projects as Erika. She always makes sure that these projects are successfully completed within schedule and within budget. Erika is determined and effective, maintaining a very calm but firm and positive attitude. She always manages to solve stressful situations and create a positive ambiance.